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Speaking Engagements

People do not decide their futures; they decide their habits and their habits decide their future.

F. W. Alexander

Maybe you’d like to give your department or company a motivational pep talk to open their eyes and sharpen their business acumen. I will deliver a bit of inspiration, motivation, and humor, while sharing my insight about essential elements of business success. Everyone will be entertained, and there’ll be laughter, but it won’t simply be fun and games. I will keep them on their toes and challenge them to reframe their thinking about what is possible for them and for your business.


Some of the issues I cover in my speaking engagements include:

  • Why so many struggle in business when it appears to come so easily to others.

  • Developing a simplified business structure to enhance efficiency.

  • Using technology to enhance your life instead of complicating it.

  • Striking the ideal balance between work and home life.

As a keynote speaker, I can assure you that your audience will receive a topnotch presentation.

Sometimes the most effective way I can deliver my message is in a workshop format—in person or via Zoom. Working with your company or interested group, I can tailor a speech or workshop to address your specific needs.

Research has proven that when people are relaxed and engaged, they learn more efficiently. Your people will have a good time, learn how to better realize their financial goals, and leave with an invigorated sense of purpose.

My business acumen, insights, and leadership skills allowed me to excel in business. I can use my expertise to guide you to improve your business situation. If you feel your career or business growth has stalled, if your business goals have begun to seem unattainable, call me. I can give you the insight and encouragement you need to meet your career or business goals.

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